Not Your Average Christmas Tree

DSC00486Usually, Christmas is a slightly terrifying time for me. It means another year has flown past without me realising where that time went, and I am an uncharacteristically crappy gift-giver (pre giving hand-made gifts) so there was always a huge amount of anxiety and tension around buying two whole families worth of gifts. Yuck. Christmas is actually exciting this year because not only have I lost that anxiety and am making all the gifts (watch this space) but my Grandmother is over from the UK for the first time in a very long time. The opportunity to spend Christmas at the beach was too hard to pass up and as such I didn’t want to buy a real Christmas tree if we weren’t even going to be here to care for / enjoy it! On went the thinking cap and I found this awesome tree that tickled my fancy in a very big way.



I definitely went into this project half-cocked… but luckily for me it worked out awesomly – not even a cuss word uttered, yeeha.

Phase one involved drawing the general shape onto the pallet and cutting it out with my handy-dandy jigsaw and a fair amount of brute strength with the handsaw.

DSC00446Phase two involved adding additional reinforcement to the back of the tree

DSC00447Phase three saw the outside frames go on (I’ll be honest, there were almost cuss words during this stage) and a light sanding to remove any gnarly bits (a fair few splinters were removed before this point) and a wax/stain from my ever faithful Briwax in Antique Pine.

DSC00471Phase four included a base – it sat upright fine in the garage, not so much on the carpet. Luckily Hubster is well versed in sorting out these little mishaps of mine so came to the rescue with some wood from the garage and nailed it on the bottom so it’s now sittin’ pretty and of course the decorations.

DSC00485I love, love, love it. It’s not perfect but it just adds to the charm in my (slightly biased) opinion.


Just Crate

Recently Hubster found me some cute little crates in the deep dark reaches of his parents garage. I think they were originally seedling trays, but as I’m already set for seedling storage I had other plans for these little darlings.

Unfortunately I’m still hopeless at taking ‘before’ photographs but the originals looked a little like this (source)


The first step was to rough them up a lil’ bit and stain them. A combination of steel wool and briwax ‘Antique Pine’ gave this result.

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Chic enough to make you shutter

As mentioned previously I’ve recently acquired a pair of shutters.

Ohhh the crafting posibilities

After much ummm-ing and ahhh-ing over what the heck to do with them I finally made up my mind. Distress them of course!


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Where have you been all my life?

For as long as i can remember, I have wanted a secretary desk with a fold down desktop surface. When I worked in an office job I would spend many a lunch hour in furniture shops ooh-ing and ahh-ing over desks that I could not afford.     DSC00219

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Midweek Inspiration

This weeks inspirational post is going to be centred entirely around shutters. I purchased these little beauties recently and am deciding what to do with them.

Ohhh the crafting posibilities

Ohhh the crafting possibilities

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Just hanging…. Doornob hook tutorial.

Life can get preeetttyyy crazy round these parts, and it’s safe to say that I am NOT a morning person. So i’ve developed certain tricks to help make things roll smoothly before the coffee kicks in… One such trick is to have my outfit for the day all picked out so I just put it on after my shower…. No hard decisions necessary.

The whole pre-choosing my outfit thing was working out swimmingly so I decided to create a pretty hook / hanger to make it a pretty and functional endeavour.

Doorknob Hanger Tutorial - Purls and Polkadots

I decided to make a hanger out of one of the doorknobs left over from Mum’s birthday present.

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Kitchen Shelf Install

It seems my Hubster has turned into a DIY ninja. Not only did he whip up a Seedling Window Shelf on the quick, he recently popped up a kitchen shelf for me.

The idea sprouted from this lovely post which featured in my Midweek Inspiration recently



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Hey little sprout…. Just hold your taters.

With winter approaching I had been pondering for sometime how to get premium light for my little seedlings, without sending them out into the cold. We don’t have the yard space for a greenhouse and I kind of wanted my dining room table back. One night I awoke in the wee hours with an idea – it was scribbled onto the notepad (this is a frequent occurance) – a window shelf. I was pretty chuffed with the idea and the next time Hubster and I were in the same vicinity we discussed the logistics, he agreed, Thunderbirds are go!

Happy little sprouts

Happy little sprouts

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Midweek Inspiration

As the end of, what feels like the longest knitting project of my life, approaches I’m pretty excited to be looking for new inspiration and projects! Here’s what’s tickling my fancy at the moment….

Warning: Be prepared for baby over-load in the coming weeks…. We are having a pregnancy boom amongst friends, family and co-workers so bear with.


pb-0604_small2This gorgeous little baby cardi (source)

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Weekend Project

TV Cabinet  Restoration

  This weekend’s project was a quick one, but one I REALLY love. I spent the majority weekend at Ma and Pa’s place relaxing and celebrating Pa’s business partner’s retirement. It was such a treat to get out of the city and relax by the beach. Ma also received her birthday present which was a hit. I was so pleased she liked it.

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