Midweek Inspiration

It’s Feijoa season again! Today we took a family drive into the middle of nowhere to cash in on some serious fruit purchasing from a roadside stall (we raid it every year). On the way home – we took the scenic route of course – we came across a very cool vintage shop that really got my creative synapses firing. I wanted to buy half of the store and the other half had me thinking of things I had at home that I could do something similar with. Unfortunately my phone had died by this point so I couldn’t take any photos, but Hubster and I have discussed going back there to purchase a few things.

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Back to Black

Recently, I seem to have been in a wee bit of a funk. No rhyme or reason why, just a decided lack of motivation, inspiration and energy to do anything remotely crafty. I’ve done a couple of wee projects (e.g. Just Crate) but that was forced due to necessity rather than for the joy of making things. Perhaps the renovations that we did earlier in the year tapped me out of creative juice? Who knows…

One project that helped to get me back into the swing of things was this lovely little restoration of an antique blackboard. As per usual, dopey here forgot to do before pics…. insert face palm here. However the end result is awesome and I’ll explain what I did to get there and show you some cool little surprises I found along the way.


This little beauty was languishing away in the depths of my parents under-stair storage area. It needed a bit of work but nothing daunting thank gosh. So of we went with a quick sand and stain with my ever faithful Briwax (in Rimu), reattaching the legs (needed some new screws here), a quick coat of blackboard paint and reattaching one of the knobs. No sweat.

DSC00373Unfortunately the roller at the top no longer ‘rolls’ but Mum has assured me that there were some cool examples of cursive writing that you could scroll through. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to open the back up and have a look… maybe.

DSC00379One of the cool things is that it folds down into a writing desk upon closer perusal low and behold what did we find but etchings.

DSC00377 copy

DSC00376 copyThe bottom one – H.D – is my Grandfather’s  youthful rebellious scratching and as he recently passed, this makes it all the more special! It will be so much fun explaining it to future sprogs.

Where have you been all my life?

For as long as i can remember, I have wanted a secretary desk with a fold down desktop surface. When I worked in an office job I would spend many a lunch hour in furniture shops ooh-ing and ahh-ing over desks that I could not afford.     DSC00219

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Midweek Inspiration

Life round here has been pretty slow…. Things at work have quietened down, and I have been sick ever since! Boo! However, it has been a nice time to get some reading done and make a dent in my many knitting projects currently on the go. Here’s what’s captured my attention this week.

2cf0a149068101aaf4307f4f3861c610Love this idea (source)

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Midweek Inspiration

With life slowing down a touch, it seems my crafting mojo is beginning to return… The only thing is I can’t decide where to start.

a5666e3e323adab5943f33fe3cc58e99Might have to use this to sort myself out (source)

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Run away with me

One of the things I love most about being crafty is that I am always learning new things. Nothing ever gets boring because I will never know everything. Not to mention the fact that knowing you have made something yourself is pretty darn neat!

So, needless to say, I was pretty excited to find this little beauty in the back of my wardrobe stash, in a bag of goodies from my Grandmother.

How does your table run?

How does your table run?

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Diy Kimono Cardigan

The stash busting continues! Today I found languishing in the depths of the stash storage a bag of goodies gifted by my Gran. She’s even worse of a hoarder than I am so this was truly a jackpot find. I expect that many posts in the near future will feature items found in this bag.

The first item that caught my eye was this lovely blue scarf.

Love that print

I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I have been lusting for sometime now over a Kimono styled cardigan. In particular, this one from Elle Apparel.

Kimono Cool Tutorial by Elle Apparel

The Inspiration

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