Just Crate

Recently Hubster found me some cute little crates in the deep dark reaches of his parents garage. I think they were originally seedling trays, but as I’m already set for seedling storage I had other plans for these little darlings.

Unfortunately I’m still hopeless at taking ‘before’ photographs but the originals looked a little like this (source)


The first step was to rough them up a lil’ bit and stain them. A combination of steel wool and briwax ‘Antique Pine’ gave this result.

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Kitchen Shelf Install

It seems my Hubster has turned into a DIY ninja. Not only did he whip up a Seedling Window Shelf on the quick, he recently popped up a kitchen shelf for me.

The idea sprouted from this lovely post which featured in my Midweek Inspiration recently



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Hey little sprout…. Just hold your taters.

With winter approaching I had been pondering for sometime how to get premium light for my little seedlings, without sending them out into the cold. We don’t have the yard space for a greenhouse and I kind of wanted my dining room table back. One night I awoke in the wee hours with an idea – it was scribbled onto the notepad (this is a frequent occurance) – a window shelf. I was pretty chuffed with the idea and the next time Hubster and I were in the same vicinity we discussed the logistics, he agreed, Thunderbirds are go!

Happy little sprouts

Happy little sprouts

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