Owl do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Owls 2

It isn’t often these days that I get to make things for myself.¬†Most of the things that are made in this household are either created specifically to be given as gifts or are for the house itself (case and point). Needless to say, I was pretty excited to make myself a jumper, and my first knitted one at that.

A friend and I went halves in this wonderful pattern by Kate Davies quite sometime ago now, when I was a very novice knitter and wanted something to aspire to. Not to say that I am by any means the best knitter around, but I am more confident in my skills and willing to branch out and try new things. Plus the OWLS are just too cute!

It was a fairly simple knit, from the bottom up. The hardest part were the owls themselves as I hadn’t cabled before. Once I had them figured out it was smooth sailing until the end. I used a thinner weight wool that recommended in the pattern because I wanted it a bit slouchy, I also lengthened the torso because I like my jumpers long.

It’s love people!¬† Continue reading