Sew Outrageous

I think I’ve mentioned before my propensity to hoard fabric and yarn? Well I can honestly say I have in no way managed to improve this behaviour. Zilch. Poor Hubster is very forgiving about this little vice so I decided the lest I could do is to make it neat and tidy. I think I’ve also mentioned previously how much I hate cleaning? That hasn’t changed either. So the solution needed to be easy to maintain and look pretty (or at least not offensive to the eye) to satisfy all needs.

I found this lovely piece of inspiration on Pinterest (where else?) and there was no looking back



A quick plea on Freecycle for cot railings and voila, new and improved fabric storage


Double bonus, they were free and I saved them from going in to landfill as the rest of the cot was broken to pieces. Hubster was double happy because not only does it look good, but there were two of them and they were free. Not sure yet if I will paint them, they are in fairly good nick as is so it’s not imperative at this stage, might see how things go before making that call.



Just hanging…. Doornob hook tutorial.

Life can get preeetttyyy crazy round these parts, and it’s safe to say that I am NOT a morning person. So i’ve developed certain tricks to help make things roll smoothly before the coffee kicks in… One such trick is to have my outfit for the day all picked out so I just put it on after my shower…. No hard decisions necessary.

The whole pre-choosing my outfit thing was working out swimmingly so I decided to create a pretty hook / hanger to make it a pretty and functional endeavour.

Doorknob Hanger Tutorial - Purls and Polkadots

I decided to make a hanger out of one of the doorknobs left over from Mum’s birthday present.

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The Gift of Giving

Before I realised that I was kind-of-not-awful at making things, I used to be the most awful gift giver. Truly, I sucked. Big time.

I never knew what to buy people. I wanted each and every gift to be the perfect mix of thoughtful and useful and I failed.

Every. Damn. Time.

They were too extravagant, or too understated, or too generic, or too…  you get where I’m going with this.

To this day I still don’t know why I was so horrible at buying gifts. However, since I’ve started making my gifts, that feeling of hopelessness at what to give someone on their special occasion has vanished and each and every gift is a delight to give and hopefully the same to receive.

My beautiful Mother was the recipient of my latest gift and every year countless nights are spent agonising over what to give her. I know (and she says repeatedly) that she will love anything we get her but anything is not enough. I want to show her through my gifts that I appreciate everything she has done for me and everything that she still does. When we were shopping earlier in the year, she mentioned that she was looking for something to hang her jewellery off and instantly I knew what I was going to make her.

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