Jeckyll and Hyde

A few months ago, I pinned (and shared on Midweek Inspiration) this little number….


I finally found the right sized needles and got cracking.


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Braids of Glory

Today I finally finished the braided scarf.

Braided Scarf - Purls and Polkadots

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Still Running

I’ve finally finished the table runner. What a learning curve that was!! I really enjoyed embroidery though, there was something relaxing and gratifying about… almost like knitting, just completed much more quickly!


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The vest idea ever

So it is a clear indication that my sewing-mojo is returning when I have the urge to sew and create something “off pattern”.


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Feeling a little bit Smaug

Well, I can finally start crossing items off my list!!! This makes my face so happy. I’m finally recovered from my month long series of colds and feeling almost back to normal!


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Midweek Inspiration

Life round here has been pretty slow…. Things at work have quietened down, and I have been sick ever since! Boo! However, it has been a nice time to get some reading done and make a dent in my many knitting projects currently on the go. Here’s what’s captured my attention this week.

2cf0a149068101aaf4307f4f3861c610Love this idea (source)

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Midweek Inspiration

With life slowing down a touch, it seems my crafting mojo is beginning to return… The only thing is I can’t decide where to start.

a5666e3e323adab5943f33fe3cc58e99Might have to use this to sort myself out (source)

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Hobbit Holes and Dwarves Scarves

For the past couple of weeks, Hubster and I have had the pleasure of my Long Lost Cousin to stay… All my cousins are “Long Lost” according to Hubster. Purely because they all reside on the opposite side of the world and I can count the number of times I’ve seen them on my fingers, while he grew up practically living with all of his. Nevertheless, it makes for rockin’ good times when my cousins come to visit our little slice of paradise.

This particular Cuz is a huge movie buff and Lord of the Rings fan, so naturally we had to take him to every Hobbit themed attraction possible. Mama-dearest took him on a tour of various filming-locations and the WETA workshops down in Wellington, and I had the pleasure of taking him to Hobbiton. Who knew so much fun could be had on a farm in the middle of Waikato.


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Just hanging…. Doornob hook tutorial.

Life can get preeetttyyy crazy round these parts, and it’s safe to say that I am NOT a morning person. So i’ve developed certain tricks to help make things roll smoothly before the coffee kicks in… One such trick is to have my outfit for the day all picked out so I just put it on after my shower…. No hard decisions necessary.

The whole pre-choosing my outfit thing was working out swimmingly so I decided to create a pretty hook / hanger to make it a pretty and functional endeavour.

Doorknob Hanger Tutorial - Purls and Polkadots

I decided to make a hanger out of one of the doorknobs left over from Mum’s birthday present.

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Sands of Blue

For the past six weeks I have been chipping away at this looooverly cardigan! I would have liked it finished sooner but life seems to be getting in the way of all my crafting endeavours at the moment. It seriously feels like I’ve been working on it forever!

Green is the new Blue

Green is the new Blue

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