Owl always love you

A couple of years ago, I whipped up this little beauty using this fabulous design.

Owls 2

It still to this day is one of my favourite jumpers (especially now that I can fit into it again!) and receives many compliments.  Papa-dearest is an avid Owl fan and has been hounding me to knit him something Owl-esque ever since. Unbeknownst to him I started on a sweater not long afterwards annnnnnd two years later it is finally finished!

Owls 1

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Change is inevitable

Hello again! I know, I know, it’s been a while, but I have a great excuse I promise! Plus heaps of things I’ve been working on to keep you entertained!

First off an explanation for my absence – the past year and a half has been super busy and definitely full of changes. You see I’ve been busy creating my biggest project of all!!


Little Thumper


Big Thumper

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Be still my beating heart

DSC00516These little cuties were another commission from my lovely friend. This time for her 4month old niece.


A lovely lilac jersey fabric was used with complimentary knee patches and cuffs.


Soooo adorable.

Lucy In the Sky with Elephants

A friend of mine recently commissioned a few pieces of clothing for her nieces/nephews/cousins and as I love her dearly I was more than happy to oblige – it also meant a fabric and thrift shopping trip with one of my favourite ladies, a double win if you ask me!


After much parousing of Pinterest and Etsy we chose the Lucy Tunic for her 6 year old cousin. It’s such a cute little dress. We chose two lovely cotton duck, particularly apt as her nickname is Ellie-Elephant.


It could easily be made reversible but we decided not to this time round. It would also look darling as a sleeveless number.


We found the perfect buttons at a thrift shop a few days later – love them.


Chic enough to make you shutter

As mentioned previously I’ve recently acquired a pair of shutters.

Ohhh the crafting posibilities

After much ummm-ing and ahhh-ing over what the heck to do with them I finally made up my mind. Distress them of course!


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A projection of projects

As life begins to resume it’s normal brand of crazy (as opposed to the past few weeks of ‘hellish-crazy’) and the end of term approaches  (sweet nibblets where has the time gone?) I decided I should take stock of all the half-finished projects that I have languishing around my various crafting hidey-holes and aim to get them finished. A nobel aim. It’s ability to be completed is yet to be seen.

Braided Scarf

I am making this for a friend’s very belated birthday present. The pattern comes from here. It’s easy knitting and now that I can stay awake past 8pm I’m hoping it will be finished pretty quickly. IMG_1108 Continue reading

Midweek Inspiration

Holidays are absolutely flying by… Time enough for a few last minute projects though right? Always!
I spent last weekend hanging out with Ma, Pa and my littelist brother who was home from Uni. Love that kid! Was so great to hang out and just mooch around. Of course I received about 6 different knitting orders, mostly owl related after seeing this little beauty.

Even the puppies are excited to see him.

Even the puppies are excited to see him.

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The babe with the power

It is no surprise to the people I regularly interact with, that the allure of babies is finally hitting, and hitting hard! Anything baby related sends me weak at the knees, and actual babies have the power to reduce me to a  cooing, goo-gooing puddle. One look is all it takes to put that baby spell on me.

As the last of my school friends to have kids the question “so when are you two going to have babies?” occurs on almost a weekly basis. My husband has a very inappropriate joke in response to this but I’ll save sharing that for another day.

Now it’s my colleagues who are starting to multiply. A friend that I studied teaching with, and subsequently began my first job with, is about to have his first baby . He and his wife decided to keep the sex a secret (although we were all pretty sure it was gunna be a boy) so the present that I was going to make needed to be fairly gender neutral, just in case our guestimations were wrong. I decided on a cute little pair of bootie-boots and a hat as we are going into winter in the southern parts of the world, although Mother Earth doesn’t seem to have received that memo yet. Red and White was the final choice and the difficulty came in trying to make the items look more Cutie-Pie than Where’s Wally.

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