Allergy-friendly Pikelets

Just a quick wee post from me today. Hubster has the week off so I have been running about the house like a mad woman trying to make to most of an extra pair of hands. Naturally this means I have taken on a million projects. On the positive side I will have much to write about in the near future. For now, however, I have only a jumble of half finished piles of fabric, yarn and other miscellaneous craft paraphernalia taking over the house.

The Little Shark has a milk, soy and egg intolerance that he is (thankfully) slowly growing out of. I have just started to add a few egg-based items back into my diet but am still weary about giving them to him to ingest directly (screaming baby all day and night – no thank you). Thus I have been tinkering with recipes to make them Shark-o friendly but still delicious because let’s be honest I am far too lazy to make two batches of anything!

Piklets 3

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