‘Ello Ellybobs

So many friends are about to have babies! Luckily I’ve been laid up with an injury so that gives me plenty of opportunity for knitting all sorts of baby-cuteness!IMG_1378



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Sands of Blue

For the past six weeks I have been chipping away at this looooverly cardigan! I would have liked it finished sooner but life seems to be getting in the way of all my crafting endeavours at the moment. It seriously feels like I’ve been working on it forever!

Green is the new Blue

Green is the new Blue

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Midweek Inspiration

As the end of, what feels like the longest knitting project of my life, approaches I’m pretty excited to be looking for new inspiration and projects! Here’s what’s tickling my fancy at the moment….

Warning: Be prepared for┬ábaby over-load in the coming weeks…. We are having a pregnancy boom amongst friends, family and co-workers so bear with.


pb-0604_small2This gorgeous little baby cardi (source)

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Diy Kimono Cardigan

The stash busting continues! Today I found languishing in the depths of the stash storage a bag of goodies gifted by my Gran. She’s even worse of a hoarder than I am so this was truly a jackpot find. I expect that many posts in the near future will feature items found in this bag.

The first item that caught my eye was this lovely blue scarf.

Love that print

I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I have been lusting for sometime now over a Kimono styled cardigan. In particular, this one from Elle Apparel.

Kimono Cool Tutorial by Elle Apparel

The Inspiration

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