Oils well that ends well.

Now, for the second instalment of “paring back the basil jungle“.

In my hunt for ideas to use up all of the luscious basil in my garden, I came across the notion of mixing basil with oil and then freezing to make little nuggets that can be dropped into a pan and add delicious basil-y goodness to any dish.

Tiny Morsels of deliciousness

Tiny Morsels of deliciousness

I was pretty tickled by this idea and dove into the kitchen to have a crack. No directions, only a half-baked idea that I’d skim read off the ole inter-web. Luckily, it seems this method is pretty idiot fool-proof.

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Hey Pesto

When I planted my new Vege patch last year it was an occasion for great excitement. It blossomed and bloomed and my tomato plants grew to heights I had never seen – I had only ever grown tomatoes in planters prior to this. The tomato excitement totally eclipsed the poor little (or so I thought) basil plants I had planted in and around the tomatoes, until blight hit. I’m pretty sure I cried. Yet, as I pillaged the plants for any edible fruit and pulled them up, I discovered underneath a small forest of basil plants. Seriously guys, they were out of control!

It's a jungle out there! Even the strawberries are getting in on the action.

It’s a jungle out there! Even the strawberries are getting in on the action.

So began the hunt to decide what to do with them. Be warned, there may be a few basil themed posts in the near future.  This time round I’m going for a nice, simple pesto.

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