The babe with the power

It is no surprise to the people I regularly interact with, that the allure of babies is finally hitting, and hitting hard! Anything baby related sends me weak at the knees, and actual babies have the power to reduce me to a  cooing, goo-gooing puddle. One look is all it takes to put that baby spell on me.

As the last of my school friends to have kids the question “so when are you two going to have babies?” occurs on almost a weekly basis. My husband has a very inappropriate joke in response to this but I’ll save sharing that for another day.

Now it’s my colleagues who are starting to multiply. A friend that I studied teaching with, and subsequently began my first job with, is about to have his first baby . He and his wife decided to keep the sex a secret (although we were all pretty sure it was gunna be a boy) so the present that I was going to make needed to be fairly gender neutral, just in case our guestimations were wrong. I decided on a cute little pair of bootie-boots and a hat as we are going into winter in the southern parts of the world, although Mother Earth doesn’t seem to have received that memo yet. Red and White was the final choice and the difficulty came in trying to make the items look more Cutie-Pie than Where’s Wally.

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