Change is inevitable

Hello again! I know, I know, it’s been a while, but I have a great excuse I promise! Plus heaps of things I’ve been working on to keep you entertained!

First off an explanation for my absence – the past year and a half has been super busy and definitely full of changes. You see I’ve been busy creating my biggest project of all!!


Little Thumper


Big Thumper

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Be still my beating heart

DSC00516These little cuties were another commission from my lovely friend. This time for her 4month old niece.


A lovely lilac jersey fabric was used with complimentary knee patches and cuffs.


Soooo adorable.

Lucy In the Sky with Elephants

A friend of mine recently commissioned a few pieces of clothing for her nieces/nephews/cousins and as I love her dearly I was more than happy to oblige – it also meant a fabric and thrift shopping trip with one of my favourite ladies, a double win if you ask me!


After much parousing of Pinterest and Etsy we chose the Lucy Tunic for her 6 year old cousin. It’s such a cute little dress. We chose two lovely cotton duck, particularly apt as her nickname is Ellie-Elephant.


It could easily be made reversible but we decided not to this time round. It would also look darling as a sleeveless number.


We found the perfect buttons at a thrift shop a few days later – love them.


Midweek Inspiration

Whew! Sorry about the radio silence team – we’ve been head down bum up, busy with what has been affectionately coined ‘Renovation Month’. I’ll spare you the details – save that for another day – but it sure is good to have a moment of peace and quiet to gather my thoughts and plan my next crafty adventure. Here’s what’s tickling my fancy at the moment.


8350b2ad9b120c1b7adf7c888cd583a8This adorable jumpsuit. (Source) Continue reading

Playful Stripes

Yet another gift for a baby-to-be is the Playful Stripes baby blanket. This time for a close friend and partner-in-craft.

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‘Ello Ellybobs

So many friends are about to have babies! Luckily I’ve been laid up with an injury so that gives me plenty of opportunity for knitting all sorts of baby-cuteness!IMG_1378



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The vest idea ever

So it is a clear indication that my sewing-mojo is returning when I have the urge to sew and create something “off pattern”.


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Midweek Inspiration

Soooo many ideas…. Sooo little time… Why must life get in the way of crafting?????

IMG_8147Love everything about this (source)

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Midweek Inspiration

As the end of, what feels like the longest knitting project of my life, approaches I’m pretty excited to be looking for new inspiration and projects! Here’s what’s tickling my fancy at the moment….

Warning: Be prepared for baby over-load in the coming weeks…. We are having a pregnancy boom amongst friends, family and co-workers so bear with.


pb-0604_small2This gorgeous little baby cardi (source)

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Easter treats

Easter Egg Treats

Easter is usually a non-event in this household. Having no sprouts of our own yet the level of excitement that usually accompanies Easter Sunday just isn’t up to par.

Luckily, with the influx of nephews, god-children and other scrumptious littlies, all of whom are getting to the age where they understand Easter (or at least the chocolate involved) means that we can contribute something handmade to the occasion.

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