Winter is Coming….

Since the little shark has made his appearance into this crazy mixed up world, we have experienced so much generosity from those closest to us. A friend recently gave us a huge bag of gently worn clothes, amongst which were these lovely Merino numbers.


With winter quickly approaching these were earmarked in the “wear soon” pile. Unfortunately on closer inspection they had a few holes that were a bit beyond mending. I have made a pact with myself to try and reduce our contribution to landfill this year, so needed to come up with a brilliant idea as to how I could repurpose / reuse these in some way.

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Midweek Inspiration

Whew, I had so much fun spending time on Pinterest looking at fun things that tickled my fancy. It seems like it’s been ages that I’ve had the mental capacity to focus for that long! Here’s what I’m liking this week…

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Woodland Creatures

My friend/colleague/car-pool-buddy/crafting-twin who is heavily preggers has gone for a woodland theme in her nursery – adorable right? She was complaining on the ride to work that she didn’t have enough storage for all the bibs/burb cloths/booties she had been making recently and I instantly knew what I was going to make her for her leaving gift.


I adapted two different patterns for these (here and here) and they were suuuuuper easy.


Because woodland themed fabric was hard to come by for some reason, I had to make do with flannel and used a thick interfacing to give it some body. We both preferred the fact that there was some give in the side so they could hold more.


Curtain grommets and rope made up the handles and finished it off with a flourish.