Where have you been all my life?

For as long as i can remember, I have wanted a secretary desk with a fold down desktop surface. When I worked in an office job I would spend many a lunch hour in furniture shops ooh-ing and ahh-ing over desks that I could not afford.     DSC00219

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Still Running

I’ve finally finished the table runner. What a learning curve that was!! I really enjoyed embroidery though, there was something relaxing and gratifying about… almost like knitting, just completed much more quickly!


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The vest idea ever

So it is a clear indication that my sewing-mojo is returning when I have the urge to sew and create something “off pattern”.


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30 Before 30

Hubster and I have both realised that 30 is not that far away. A friend of mine recently wrote herself a 30 before 30 list and we decided to jump on the band wagon. Basically you write a list of 30 things to accomplish before turning 30 and document the process.

Memory making? Yes please!


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A projection of projects

As life begins to resume it’s normal brand of crazy (as opposed to the past few weeks of ‘hellish-crazy’) and the end of term approaches  (sweet nibblets where has the time gone?) I decided I should take stock of all the half-finished projects that I have languishing around my various crafting hidey-holes and aim to get them finished. A nobel aim. It’s ability to be completed is yet to be seen.

Braided Scarf

I am making this for a friend’s very belated birthday present. The pattern comes from here. It’s easy knitting and now that I can stay awake past 8pm I’m hoping it will be finished pretty quickly. IMG_1108 Continue reading

Just hanging…. Doornob hook tutorial.

Life can get preeetttyyy crazy round these parts, and it’s safe to say that I am NOT a morning person. So i’ve developed certain tricks to help make things roll smoothly before the coffee kicks in… One such trick is to have my outfit for the day all picked out so I just put it on after my shower…. No hard decisions necessary.

The whole pre-choosing my outfit thing was working out swimmingly so I decided to create a pretty hook / hanger to make it a pretty and functional endeavour.

Doorknob Hanger Tutorial - Purls and Polkadots

I decided to make a hanger out of one of the doorknobs left over from Mum’s birthday present.

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Kitchen Shelf Install

It seems my Hubster has turned into a DIY ninja. Not only did he whip up a Seedling Window Shelf on the quick, he recently popped up a kitchen shelf for me.

The idea sprouted from this lovely post which featured in my Midweek Inspiration recently



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Hey little sprout…. Just hold your taters.

With winter approaching I had been pondering for sometime how to get premium light for my little seedlings, without sending them out into the cold. We don’t have the yard space for a greenhouse and I kind of wanted my dining room table back. One night I awoke in the wee hours with an idea – it was scribbled onto the notepad (this is a frequent occurance) – a window shelf. I was pretty chuffed with the idea and the next time Hubster and I were in the same vicinity we discussed the logistics, he agreed, Thunderbirds are go!

Happy little sprouts

Happy little sprouts

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Keepsake Keep-safe

Keepsake Box - Purls and Polkadots

A few weeks ago, I saw these awesome little keepsake boxes on Pinterest. I had been pondering for sometime over what to do with all the keepsakes that we had accumulated from our big holidays without being too intrusive in our decor.

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Run away with me

One of the things I love most about being crafty is that I am always learning new things. Nothing ever gets boring because I will never know everything. Not to mention the fact that knowing you have made something yourself is pretty darn neat!

So, needless to say, I was pretty excited to find this little beauty in the back of my wardrobe stash, in a bag of goodies from my Grandmother.

How does your table run?

How does your table run?

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