Owl always love you

A couple of years ago, I whipped up this little beauty using this fabulous design.

Owls 2

It still to this day is one of my favourite jumpers (especially now that I can fit into it again!) and receives many compliments.  Papa-dearest is an avid Owl fan and has been hounding me to knit him something Owl-esque ever since. Unbeknownst to him I started on a sweater not long afterwards annnnnnd two years later it is finally finished!

Owls 1

The delay is in part because I got slightly bored knitting up the body, so would always start something new and exciting and part because life got in the way (also I didn’t think Papa would enjoy a jumper that smelt of puke).

Owls 3

We went for two rows of owls and opted not to include detailing in the eyes as it might get a bit busy with that many owls.

Owls 2

The sweater pattern I adapted is great, although I would use a larger needle next time so as not to get bored! It is also a slightly small knit, I made the largest size and papa isn’t deserving but it may require re-blocking once he tries it on.

Owls 4

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