Midweek Inspiration

It’s Feijoa season again! Today we took a family drive into the middle of nowhere to cash in on some serious fruit purchasing from a roadside stall (we raid it every year). On the way home – we took the scenic route of course – we came across a very cool vintage shop that really got my creative synapses firing. I wanted to buy half of the store and the other half had me thinking of things I had at home that I could do something similar with. Unfortunately my phone had died by this point so I couldn’t take any photos, but Hubster and I have discussed going back there to purchase a few things.

In light of this influx of inspiration, and in keeping with my resolution to re-use more here is what’s tickling my fancy this week.

img_0929This delicious Feijoa chutney recipe is a yearly ritual. (Source)

pillow case hamper.jpgThe amount of washing we produce at the moment is seriously mind blowing. At least if I could hide it in a pretty hamper like this I wouldn’t feel so bad about the growing piles. (Source)

make-your-own.jpgThis will be a handy technique to master as the Little Shark needs new covers on his high chair. Easy wipe-down-ability is a must. (Source)

twine-title.jpgWe are getting ready to plant out our winter garden at the moment, this would be super handy for staking climbers and for using up scraps/old clothes. (Source)

6a01543277ddab970c015392ec8b26970b-640wi.jpgThese garlands are just too pretty! These are included mostly because they make me happy, and partly because they would be a good way to use up some scraps. (Source)

That’s all from me today, keep your eyes peeled for some of these ideas popping up in the near future! Have a great week all.


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