Winter is Coming….

Since the little shark has made his appearance into this crazy mixed up world, we have experienced so much generosity from those closest to us. A friend recently gave us a huge bag of gently worn clothes, amongst which were these lovely Merino numbers.


With winter quickly approaching these were earmarked in the “wear soon” pile. Unfortunately on closer inspection they had a few holes that were a bit beyond mending. I have made a pact with myself to try and reduce our contribution to landfill this year, so needed to come up with a brilliant idea as to how I could repurpose / reuse these in some way.

 The little shark and I try to make a point of getting out of the house at least once a day so I figured a cute winter hat was in order – the sleep gown was in the best condition and the perfect length for the hat I had in mind so onwards we charged.

Merino 1

When will I learn?

I eyeballed a pattern from a hat he already had and went right ahead and sewed it up on the serger. It was at this point that things started to unravel. The serger was having a bad day and required a full rethreading, it became clear that my propensity to rush into a project gung-ho was once again going to bit me on the rear, and my Jeans ripped. Sigh.

Merino 2

Whoops! Thank god for sergers!

Once it had been sewn up I decided it was too long, and too loose, so made a few adjustments. I originally wanted to keep the garment hem but that wasn’t going to work so I cut it down to the correct length and hemmed it.

Merino 4

Currently a bit of a hot mess – that top knot though! 

Before deciding to hem it again. In the interest of neatness of course.

Merino 5

Much, much better!

It turned out perfectly in the end. Someone remind me to work from a pattern next time!

Merino 6

Desperate to get out into that garden!

Now to decide what to do with the little jacket. It is the worst of the two with only the back section in usable condition. Any ideas out there?

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