Change is inevitable

Hello again! I know, I know, it’s been a while, but I have a great excuse I promise! Plus heaps of things I’ve been working on to keep you entertained!

First off an explanation for my absence – the past year and a half has been super busy and definitely full of changes. You see I’ve been busy creating my biggest project of all!!


Little Thumper


Big Thumper

In August last year Hubster and I were completely honoured to welcome our own little guy into the world. I was horrifically ill all 9 months, and it was a struggle to function with day to day activities let alone think of creative things to do and make! He has been nick-named ‘Little Shark’ and we have loved spending the last 6 months getting to know him and watching him grow and change – sometimes overnight it seems! Now before we get down to business, some gratuitously cute baby snaps. You know you love it.

It’s safe to say, our lives have changed dramatically. You may have noticed another change around the place – a very talented friend of mine gave us a new logo and signage! Woohoo. It’s great to have something purpose made just for us!

Now onto the crafty goodness. One of the major eye openers for me as a new momma was the sheer number of nappies the Little Shark went through – I’m talking three poo-splosions in 15 minutes!! – and of course these always happened at the most inopportune times. I tried to do the nappy bag thing, I honestly did, but I just hated the bag, it was too big, too in your face, too many pockets to hide smelly nappies, or pukey bibs to fester (this may have happened more times that I want to admit). So I wanted to go back to my oversized handbag and needed something to keep all his nappy changing bits, plus a change of clothes in one place. Thus the Changing Clutch was born…


I have made a few of these now, and adapted my pattern appropriately and I am FINALLY happy with it.

DSC00799 copy

The outside is fun and funky cotton, and the inside oil cloth – easy to wipe down in case of emergency. It includes a pocket to store nappies, wipes, clothes and bags and is lightly padded so baby is comfortable too.

DSC00795 (1)

I will be making a few to sell so keep an eye out on my Facebook page!



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