Allergy-friendly Pikelets

Just a quick wee post from me today. Hubster has the week off so I have been running about the house like a mad woman trying to make to most of an extra pair of hands. Naturally this means I have taken on a million projects. On the positive side I will have much to write about in the near future. For now, however, I have only a jumble of half finished piles of fabric, yarn and other miscellaneous craft paraphernalia taking over the house.

The Little Shark has a milk, soy and egg intolerance that he is (thankfully) slowly growing out of. I have just started to add a few egg-based items back into my diet but am still weary about giving them to him to ingest directly (screaming baby all day and night – no thank you). Thus I have been tinkering with recipes to make them Shark-o friendly but still delicious because let’s be honest I am far too lazy to make two batches of anything!

Piklets 3

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Midweek Inspiration

It’s Feijoa season again! Today we took a family drive into the middle of nowhere to cash in on some serious fruit purchasing from a roadside stall (we raid it every year). On the way home – we took the scenic route of course – we came across a very cool vintage shop that really got my creative synapses firing. I wanted to buy half of the store and the other half had me thinking of things I had at home that I could do something similar with. Unfortunately my phone had died by this point so I couldn’t take any photos, but Hubster and I have discussed going back there to purchase a few things.

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Winter is Coming….

Since the little shark has made his appearance into this crazy mixed up world, we have experienced so much generosity from those closest to us. A friend recently gave us a huge bag of gently worn clothes, amongst which were these lovely Merino numbers.


With winter quickly approaching these were earmarked in the “wear soon” pile. Unfortunately on closer inspection they had a few holes that were a bit beyond mending. I have made a pact with myself to try and reduce our contribution to landfill this year, so needed to come up with a brilliant idea as to how I could repurpose / reuse these in some way.

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Midweek Inspiration

Whew, I had so much fun spending time on Pinterest looking at fun things that tickled my fancy. It seems like it’s been ages that I’ve had the mental capacity to focus for that long! Here’s what I’m liking this week…

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Change is inevitable

Hello again! I know, I know, it’s been a while, but I have a great excuse I promise! Plus heaps of things I’ve been working on to keep you entertained!

First off an explanation for my absence – the past year and a half has been super busy and definitely full of changes. You see I’ve been busy creating my biggest project of all!!


Little Thumper


Big Thumper

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