Just Crate

Recently Hubster found me some cute little crates in the deep dark reaches of his parents garage. I think they were originally seedling trays, but as I’m already set for seedling storage I had other plans for these little darlings.

Unfortunately I’m still hopeless at taking ‘before’ photographs but the originals looked a little like this (source)


The first step was to rough them up a lil’ bit and stain them. A combination of steel wool and briwax ‘Antique Pine’ gave this result.


Seriously, Briwax is the most amazing thing ever! Am using it left right and centre at the moment. Can’t get enough of it.

Next we levelled them out and screwed them into the wall – one screw per corner – and Voila! Some neat little shelves that make my heart ever so happy



These would be super easy to make with some reclaimed wood too.

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