Steamy Clean

Okay, so this post is going to be a little out of the usual for me…  nothing is created. Something is cleaned though and glory what a clean!

I hate cleaning. As in would rather poke out both my eyes and run an obstacle course than clean my house. I am in constant envy of mama-dearest who has a weekly cleaner, alas, our budget just won’t cut it. Not if I want to keep sewing and creating things. Due to this aversion I tend to let things slip the more exhausted and bogged down by marking I get during the term.

Recently I convinced Hubster that we needed to get a steam mop. As I am uncommonly uncoordinated, the traditional bucket and mop method often left our carpet between rooms featuring lino covered in water. “Think of the carpet” I told him. Plus it was cheap.

Will I be this happy mopping my floors???

Will I be this happy mopping my floors???

We purchased this little beauty off one of those cheap one-day-sale sites and so far it has been a match made in heaven. Easy, breazy, cleaning. Just the type for me.

Black+Decker Steam Mop Delux + Steambuster

Black+Decker Steam Mop Deluxe + Steam-buster

I recently realised that both my oven and my microwave were in cringe-worthy condition (you’ll see soon enough). As the Black and Decker has a lift away attachment I decided to give it a whirl. This post helped to convince me it was a good idea. It was. Literally, the. Best. Idea. Ever.

So easy – hold the steamer over the grime for a bit and then wipe it right off – chemical free, and now I can see through my oven door. Hubster had his birthday last week and his present to himself was 13kgs of pork ribs, half of which have already been cooked in sticky rib sauce. I will leave you to imagine the state it was in. I was too embarrassed to take detailed photos.

Anyhoo here are the cringeworthy comparisons, such a happy little wifey am I!

It's supposed to be opaque?

It’s supposed to be opaque?

Grime be gone

Grime be gone

It worked wonders on the oven door too, unfortunately the photos didn’t do it justice.

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