Chic enough to make you shutter

As mentioned previously I’ve recently acquired a pair of shutters.

Ohhh the crafting posibilities

After much ummm-ing and ahhh-ing over what the heck to do with them I finally made up my mind. Distress them of course!


I made my own chalk paint for this project and it was super easy – combine 3 parts paint and 1 part calcium carbonate , mix well, apply (for a more detailed break down ad other alternatives check out this great post). The first time round I put a 2/1 ratio in and found it was too much calicum. Sanding, sanding and more sanding was required to sort that one out. The 3/1 ratio was much nicer – both in application and finishing. A coat of Briwax in Rimu and another coat or two of Chalk paint before wiping down and sanding made these picture perfect.

DSC00225 DSC00226

My one is going on the wall as extra storage space for my crafting area – Luckily Hubster is very accommodating to my crafting needs.


The second I think I will turn on it’s side, add some knobs and turn into a coat rack…. Maybe.


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