A projection of projects

As life begins to resume it’s normal brand of crazy (as opposed to the past few weeks of ‘hellish-crazy’) and the end of term approaches  (sweet nibblets where has the time gone?) I decided I should take stock of all the half-finished projects that I have languishing around my various crafting hidey-holes and aim to get them finished. A nobel aim. It’s ability to be completed is yet to be seen.

Braided Scarf

I am making this for a friend’s very belated birthday present. The pattern comes from here. It’s easy knitting and now that I can stay awake past 8pm I’m hoping it will be finished pretty quickly. IMG_1108

Table Runner

This guy has been on the go for sometime now… Only two flowers remain… Easy…. Right?IMG_1088

Knitted Blanket

I started making this for a friend’s baby shower… Luckily I started well early because it’s been in limbo for a fair while. The pattern is Playful Stripes. 20140628-115635-42995243.jpg

Bofur’s scarf
(completed here)

I’m sensing a pattern here… How many knitting projects can I have on the go at once? I have the correct size of needles now so hopefully my inner LoTR geek can be sated quick smart.DSC00166

Children’s vest
(completed here)

Half-complete and looking swell… Motivation come at me!!!


Photo Wall

The installation of the worlds most fabulous invention, a heat-pump, gave me cause to re-jig my photo-wall. Here’s the before IMG_1093

Coffee table

When we found my Papa’s old school trunk and repurposed it into a coffee table, I decided the old one needed a do-over… This was last year. DSC00028

Couch Cushions

I am halfway through these. Embarrassing, I know. I’m hoping that this will kick my behind into action! I’m sure there’s more hiding around somewhere though!

4 thoughts on “A projection of projects

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