Midweek Inspiration

This is the current state of my living room/crafting area…. ugh costuming! Poor Hubster’s doing a fantastic job putting up with it all! Thankfully by this time next week it will all be over and life can resume to normal crafty business!!!


Here are the things I have been dreaming of while sewing costumes.

designsponge_diy_hanging_pots_detailsCool hanging planter (source)


99373afa5431e0b5fcbcbecbf0d1c0c2Dining room table concept (source)


IMG_0036_smallCute Cardi (source)


tumblr_mqkpjez9bc1qdce43o1_500Already planning where I could put one of these in my kitchen (source)


08ec14597b7cb040370214f3a4e485b2My life motto at the moment (source)


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