Hey little sprout…. Just hold your taters.

With winter approaching I had been pondering for sometime how to get premium light for my little seedlings, without sending them out into the cold. We don’t have the yard space for a greenhouse and I kind of wanted my dining room table back. One night I awoke in the wee hours with an idea – it was scribbled onto the notepad (this is a frequent occurance) – a window shelf. I was pretty chuffed with the idea and the next time Hubster and I were in the same vicinity we discussed the logistics, he agreed, Thunderbirds are go!

Happy little sprouts

Happy little sprouts

I had planned a full tutorial for this little beauty. Hubster and the little dude he mentors whipped it up within an hour using some left over wood from a wall we knocked out recently. It just so happened that this hour was while I was out grocery shopping. Sigh.

Pleased as punch

Pleased as punch

Nevertheless, I love this thing with a vengeance. My little seedlings have never had such a good-looking and sunny home that doesn’t take up my entire dining room table, or floor for that matter. I just need to stain it when I get round to doing the dining room table.

check out that Broad Bean growth!

check out that Broad Bean growth!

The wine bottles are for an experiment I have planned…. One day.

4 thoughts on “Hey little sprout…. Just hold your taters.

  1. Looking forward to exploring your blog. First look you’ve got a lot you can teach me and lots of inspiration!

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