Oils well that ends well.

Now, for the second instalment of “paring back the basil jungle“.

In my hunt for ideas to use up all of the luscious basil in my garden, I came across the notion of mixing basil with oil and then freezing to make little nuggets that can be dropped into a pan and add delicious basil-y goodness to any dish.

Tiny Morsels of deliciousness

Tiny Morsels of deliciousness

I was pretty tickled by this idea and dove into the kitchen to have a crack. No directions, only a half-baked idea that I’d skim read off the ole inter-web. Luckily, it seems this method is pretty idiot fool-proof.

Start with a large stash of basil leaves – you’ll be surprised at how little this makes – some good quality olive oil and your handy-dandy food processor



Chuck all your basil in and add a good dose of oil. Eyeball it, don’t stress too much you can always add more in later.

Playing happy families

Playing happy families

Turn your food processor on and wizz it all up. Add more oil as desired, you want the basil to be shredded and mixed in with the oil. Remember though, you need a fair amount of oil to make these “oil” cubes rather than straight basil cubes.

All wazzed up

All wazzed up

Spoon into ice-cube containers and freeze. Once frozen you may need to sit the bottom in warm water for a few seconds and pry them out with a butter-knife… They are pretty dense and inflexible.

When you’re ready to use them, just pop one or two in a heated pan and wait for your kitchen to smell heavenly. I made a lasagne a few hours after making a batch and used a couple of nuggets of pure basil gold, it smelt divine right from the get-go. I’m so in love with these, I will definitely be making some more!

Melty Melt

Melty Melt

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