Mum’s the word.

As mentioned previously, my mama is one of the hardest people to buy for. Mostly because she always claims not to want anything. As though that’s an option!

With Mother’s Day fairly soon after her birthday, it is a struggle each year to come up with ideas so close together. Luckily, Papa got her an iPad for her birthday so I knew exactly what I wanted to make her! Thanks Papa for being so extravagant.

Ipad Stand by Purls and Polkadots

I’ve made a few of these little beauties before and am about to make one for myself. They are great gifts and easy peasy to whip up.

Inspiration came from this tutorial by Theresa Down Under which I vaguely follow. I wanted all one colour and a few modifications so have put my updated tutorial below.


Measuring Tape
Fabric Marking Pencil
A piece of doweling about 10inches long (could also use an unsharpened pencil if easier to come across)

Ipad Stand - Purls and Polkadots 3

All the essentials

Also needed but not pictured:
Filling of your choice – I use a combination of wheat kernels and bean-bag beans. Plastic bags, polly-filler, fabric scraps… anything squishy would also work.
A button (optional)

Cut out a rectangle 20″ by 15″

Measure and mark

Measure and mark

Fold along the long edge, with right sides together. Pin and sew up two sides (one long and one shorter) to make a ‘sack’.

Sew up those sides

Sew up those sides

Open and arrange as shown so the two sewn corners are in the middle of the ‘sack’. Pin in about four inches (you could make this smaller, as in 2 or 3 inches, if you wanted a higher angle. Alternatively copy Therea’s method from here in form the point on the bottom and sew across.



Measure to chosen length and sew

Measure to chosen length and sew

Turn right side out and begin filling. Pin and sew sack closed about 5 inches in from the open end. Roll end in twice and sew a very narrow row at the open end. Push doweling into the channel created.

Ipad Stand - Purls and Polkadots

close up

I didn’t like the pointy top on this bean bag so I sewed a button just tucking it down.

Ipad Stand - Purls and Polkadots 9

Nicely rounded

Ipad Stand - Purls and Polkadots 10





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