Easter treats

Easter Egg Treats

Easter is usually a non-event in this household. Having no sprouts of our own yet the level of excitement that usually accompanies Easter Sunday just isn’t up to par.

Luckily, with the influx of nephews, god-children and other scrumptious littlies, all of whom are getting to the age where they understand Easter (or at least the chocolate involved) means that we can contribute something handmade to the occasion.

Enter the wonderful Jean Greenhowe. So many awesome little knitting projects to be found here. The projects are well-written and easy to follow. Perfect.

I decided on the Easter Egg treats this year.

Easter Egg Treats - Jean Geenhowe

Easter Egg Treats – Jean Greenhowe

Such a super simple knit and they look so cute!!!! The kidlets love them!!

Easter Treats 3

Cotton Nose and Flopsy

Easter Treats 1

We named these two, Benji and Milly

Easter Treats 2

Look at the tail!!

Think I might try the Novelty Eggs next year though.


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