Superhero Saga

Carrying on with rather an apron-y theme, I have of late been making some (rather awesome in my opinion) superhero themed aprons. The first three I made for some friends of ours for Christmas. They received a family set of Ironman, Batman/girl and Wonder Woman.

Superhero Saga

Recently a colleague and car-pool buddy celebrated his birthday. As he is rather fond of all things Spiderman (his Spiderman cufflinks are awesome by the way) a Spiderman themed apron was in order. Also it was the only Spidey related item I could think to make that he didn’t already own. The challenge with this project was to try and get the textures of the Spidey suit without too much hassle. That’s when this post came to the rescue. I used the same pattern for the Ironman Apron above and printed off the spider template provided by Redfly. All of the emblems were attached using ‘Heat ‘n’ Bond’ – boy it makes these projects easy!


Spidey Apron

Faithful Bluey models again.


Carried Away

Carried Away

I look forward to making a whole range of these! Perhaps a Flash apron for Hubster is needed for his birthday. He got a bit carried away trying this one on.

The full collection to date

The full collection to date

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