Pinny’s and Tea

A long serving colleague of mine, Miss Bea, has decided to retire. Needless to say she will be incredibly missed and as she is our go-to lady for all problems big and small, we will all be headless chooks when she leaves. She’s off travelling around Australia in a Camper-Van for the next few years. We’re all a bit jealous.

Many an hour was spent by the social committee trying to decide how to show her our appreciation. Eventually a high tea and a bespoke apron was decided upon – I was humbled to be asked to do the sewing.

The inspiration for this little number came from a friends apron. Miss Bee is a little more subdued in taste so we went for a more paired back look. We also decided to go for a reversible look as the fabrics were just too lovely.


The inspiration modelled by the ever patient Bluey

How can you choose?

How can you choose?


All cut out and ready to go

Nearly Done

Nearly Done

Ain't it pretty?

Ain’t it pretty?

I have to admit, I had performance anxiety over this one. I wanted it to be perfect and I REALLY wanted her to love it and she did. Nothing more satisfying than seeing someone love a gift.  Unfortunately I only took one photo of the tea for my #100happydays project. Rookie mistake I know. What can I say, I was nervous.




What do you think? Would you love one too?


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