Weekend Project

TV Cabinet  Restoration

  This weekend’s project was a quick one, but one I REALLY love. I spent the majority weekend at Ma and Pa’s place relaxing and celebrating Pa’s business partner’s retirement. It was such a treat to get out of the city and relax by the beach. Ma also received her birthday present which was a hit. I was so pleased she liked it.

How can you not love this view!

Whangamata Estuary

Friday saw our lovely new second hand sideboard arrive. It was torture knowing that it was going to sit in the house most of the weekend just waiting to be loved. We purchased it from our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store and it was love at first sight. Hubster and I were looking for a television cabinet and wanted something a little bit taller than usual with a lot of storage space for our ridiculous stash of DVD’s (mostly mine) and games (all his). When we saw this piece we both looked at each other and without speaking began walking to the counter to buy it straight away.

It was clearly pre-loved. The top was covered in accumulated grime and other gunk that created some sort of crazy pattern, the handles were a weird pink/brass/silver colour, and the glass was cloudy with finger prints. Structurally it was still sound and there were a few dings in the wood but I think that just gives it character.

Interesting grime pattern

Tv Cabinet Restoration

First job was to pull it apart and second job was to clean it. Ma gave me a recipe for the greatest wood restoring solution that requires no sanding and makes the wood like new.


Methylated Spirits

Linseed Oil


White Vinegar

A glass Jar

Tv Cabinet Restoration

Also needed but not pictured:

Steel Wool

A Rag

A strong scrubbing arm

In the glass jar mix equal parts of the methylated spirits, linseed oil, turpentine and white vinegar, seal and shake to mix. Dip your steel wool in the solution and apply to the wood. Make sure you’re in a ventilated space as it smells quite pungent at first, but the smell eventually evaporates so all you are left with is the lovely linseed oil smell. Scrub, scrub, scrub and think about the muscle you will be building to help you through the pain. The final result is so worth it. The wood comes out looking beautiful and no sanding needed. Perfect for those restorations when you are short on time. (Will be trying this on my ladder-back chairs soon as I have been putting that project off simply because the sanding required was slightly overwhelming!)


Tv Cabinet Restoration

Next step was making room for the Playstation and MySky box.

Here I drew on the wonderful tutorial from Angela at Cottage Magpie. (Check out her blog, she’s seriously awesome!) Drilling the holes in the back was pretty fun. After a slight mishap with the first hole (on the right) due to pressure issues, the rest came out perfectly – I was so excited i forgot to take photos. Hubster was impressed with how far my skill with power-tools has progressed – no longer a timid power tool wielding lass! Huzzah!


TV Cabinet Restoration


A quick spray paint of the knobs, and cleaning of the glass doors and hey presto. Even lovelier than before!

Here she is in all her glory

Tv Cabinet Restoration

New knobs

Tv Cabinet Restoration

Sooo many DVDs

Tv Cabinet Restoration

Playstation section


Drawer of shame

Drawer of Shame

Needless to say we simply adore this new addition to our home.

Tv Cabinet Restoration

Tv Cabinet Restoration

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