The Quillow


This weekend saw a lot of time dedicated to making a Quillow. Possibly one of the greatest things ever to be invented, a quilt that folds into a pillow (I know right? It’s amazing I tell you) is the most snuggly and treasured gift to give. Each one is a labour of love, but are so darn worth it. We call the ones in our house the ‘sleep makers’ because they are impossible to stay awake under… Impossible.

The original tutorial I used was from the wonderful Nova at ‘A Cuppa and A Catch up‘ with this detailed and easy to follow tutorial.


Since then I’ve branched out and tried other quilt top patterns. If you stick with a square block top pattern you can use the above tutorial no-sweat. If you’re trying something different, then just sewing a pocket on the back and lining one side with polar-fleece makes a super amazing foot pouch that keeps your tootsies warm too… GENIUS!

The quillow I made most recently was for my sister-in-law to give to her friend whose baby was born a month premature.

We decided to adapt this quilt top, originally from Bijou Lovely


We went with a red, grey and blue colour palate. There were so many pretty coloured, patterned fabrics to choose from that we decided to use patterns for the horizontal stripes and a block grey for the vertical. I’m gunna be honest with ya, I think I love making quilts so much because I get to oohh and ahh over SO many different types of fabric. It’s definately my kinda heaven!




All made up


The finished product

Seriously, these are no brainers as gifts. Sure there may have been have cussing in the process – this was one of those projects where everything went wrong – but the awesomeness that these things bring is worth it.

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