The Quillow


This weekend saw a lot of time dedicated to making a Quillow. Possibly one of the greatest things ever to be invented, a quilt that folds into a pillow (I know right? It’s amazing I tell you) is the most snuggly and treasured gift to give. Each one is a labour of love, but are so darn worth it. We call the ones in our house the ‘sleep makers’ because they are impossible to stay awake under… Impossible.

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Mid-Week Inspiration


Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog. I have recently discovered a passion (obsession?) with living life hand-made. Here I hope to keep you entertained with all things homemade. Foods, crafts, clothes, furniture; anything your heart desires.

You know the feeling where the weekend isn’t close enough and all the work to complete between now and then is starting to loom over you, and you spend every waking moment thinking about everything that needs to get done and you get a little manic and start writing long rambling sentences…

Yeah that feeling. I like to call that feeling the mid-week blues.

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